Thieving Dingo Studios is a design company that specialises in designing for the performing arts, catering the project for your needs.

As we are all too fully aware, there are hundreds of companies out there looking to charge you lots of money to help you with your career. We are also fully aware that most people in the industry don’t HAVE a lot of money to spare. That is why we aim to make our projects as affordable as possible.

So, why should you have a website? As the industry continues to change it has become much more reliant on the internet and a good website can be a powerful marketing tool. More and more employers are doing their bit for their environment and are accepting digital submissions instead hundreds of 8×10’s that are just going to end up in the bin. That means that the money you are now saving on having to print your headshots can be put elsewhere, and what better way than a personal website that showcases the best of you.

Although most of our projects are performing arts based, we are by no means exclusive and are happy to design for any project you might have. So get in contact and talk to us about what we can do for you.